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When you look at how it easy it is to now pick up your phone and begin recording to capture that exact moment, it was not always that easy. When you think about how difficult it was to capture life on our old cameras, but at the same time it is a beautiful gift, it may be archived footage.

However, it is just like falling back in time, and almost falling through the looking glass to see a glimpse of what life used to be like.

The reason for this being so magical, rather than having archived footage from a documentary team, and carried out professionally is because, it was that exactly, the footage may be flawed but it is showing at the moment exactly what life is like, no editing, just the moment the camera catches.

It gives us visual access to how we were or those we wish to remember reflecting their true characteristics, with a smile or a frown. It is perfection in imperfection.

Whereas if we are to think about documentaries captured from the same era, that have been carried out professionally, edited and carried out from multiple angles, is it actually capturing reality. Often there will have been directions from the crew, where they would like the people involved to stand, or even prompt them on what to talk about.

Frames from historical footage shot in New York in 1964 e London in 1959

So, what’s the difference really?

Well, even if both of the archived footage is from the same era, filmed at the same time, both will have been captured differently. To the point that both will have completely different stories. With home movies, there are no prompts, as we have mentioned it is capturing the exact moment, as it was.

We feel that the true beauty is because of the possible imperfections, there are no journalistic techniques, just life.