Where do you buy your films?

I buy films on EBay, especially in the USA, Germany, Austria and United Kingdom, which are the best markets to get home movies.

What film transfer system do you use?

I scan films with FilmFabriek HDS+. Then I restore them with Davinci Studio and its plug in Neat Video. This sofware gives the best results you can have in cleaning dirt, colour correction and stabilizing.

How big is your project?

At the moment I have 1300 home movies, and they are growing week after week. I have a Youtube channel with 100k+ subscribers and tens of millions views. With my historical clips published on microstock agencies I've already had hundreds of customers and with this website I've sold the digital copies of my films to dozens of productions.

Why do I have to choose your footage instead of other footage I can find on Youtube?

The quality of the video you're buying from me is the greatest you can find online and the only one compatible with professional productions.

Why do I have to choose your footage instead of the footage of your professional competitors?

Because you don't need a quote here. On this website you can buy and download the video one minute after landing on my homepage. My collection is totally made of unreleased home movies, so you'll probably be the first one to use my footage outside Youtube.

What's the format of the video I will download?

The video is .mov, resolution 1920x1080, codec H264.

How many frames per second have your footage?

8 mm films were shot at 16 or 18 frames per second. I used to transform them in 25 frames per second using 2 techniques:

  • Blending
  • Interpolation.

It depends on what kind of footage I'm restoring (99% of the times I use interpolation).

Do you have a document signed by the original filmmaker where he declared he sold you the copyright of his films?

All the filmmakers of my films died. So it is not possible to have a signed document from them and most of the time even to know who shot the movies.

Practically speaking, however, in the case of orphaned, unidentified home movies, the old adage that “possession is nine-tenths of the law” could probably be stretched to 99-100th’s, because it is so unlikely that the re-use of such footage would be noticed or challenged by someone with a valid and verifiable claim of ownership. This means that home movies may be re-used in new projects in relative safety; even so, documentarians who wish to use orphaned home movie materials may encounter objections from the legal counsel or clearance specialists who prefer to have evidence of explicit rights clearance, which may be impossible to acquire. From http://www.centerforhomemovies.org

Possession is 99% of the law when we talk about home movies, but if you want to be 100% risk free you can use the digital copy of the footage you find in this website with the Fair Use right (please read the Best Practices in Fair Use statement for documentary filmmakers created by The Center for Media and Social Impact).

Is there anyone having a second copy of your film?

I own the only existing copy of the films. Before I publish them on my Youtube channel they were never projected outside the filmmaker's house.

Why do you charge a fee, if it's not sure you are the copyright holder of the footage?

Buyers pay for the digital restoration I made, which is a job that involves expensive equipment and hours of work.

Where can I use the footage I'm buying in this website?

You can use the footage for editing your project, regardless of your budget, and you can broadcast your final video everywhere in the world with every broadcasting system (TV, VOD, BR, ….). What you can't do is sell the footage to someone else to allow him to use it in his own project.

Why home movies are so precious?

Home movies are real life. Footage bought from TV archives and made by professional filmmakers could not show people while living their live, because censorship was not like today, even if those videos come from a free world Country. In my footage you can find real people filming their families and their travels without thinking “Oh my God, what can I do? I'll be on TV!”

How do I know you are not a hacker trying to steal my credit card number?

You don't have to trust me, you have to trust Paypal and Stripe, where you'll be redirected after clicking the “Buy now” button. By the way: it's quite a strange plan for a hacker to buy and restore hundreds of films to cheat somebody.

Mine is a self financed project, can I have a discount?

I'm sorry I would really love to help you, but it's very expensive to buy films around the world and I spend a lot of time to restore, edit and publish them. I've already made a very convenient price compared to the prices of other microstock agencies, so I can't give you a further discounts.

I just need few seconds of the film, can you sell them?

No, sorry. I just sell the whole video (by the way, it costs a little bit more than a few seconds of footage you find on Shutterstock).

Do you have any other footage outside this website?

I use to buy films almost every week. I first publish them on my Youtube channel. Please take a look at it for the last updates.

What video do I download after paying?

The video you're downloading is exactly the same you watched on Youtube, but it has no sound (the music is not something I can sell to you, as it is not mine), there is no closing title with my logo (I  don't think you need it) and, of course, it carries no watermark.

How long do I have to wait before downloading the video?

You'll be redirected to a page where you'll find the link to download it from my Open Drive one second after you pay.

Can I have the invoice for the sale?

Yes of course! Just contact me at info@footageforpro.com giving me your Company name, address and, if possible, your TAX id. I'll issue the document within the next working day.

By the way, what's your name?

My name is Daniele Carrer. I live in Italy. I've been a short film director, a TV editor and today I'm so happy to be a full time stock footage producer. With footageforpro.com I'm saving a part of our history, because I publish on Youtube films that stand a risk of being thrown away and I really love this idea, coupled with the idea of haven created a growing business on it.